imap on fC2 missing

Klotz, Leigh Leigh.Klotz at
Tue Jun 8 00:12:40 UTC 2004

FC1 provided Courier, dovecot, and wu-imapd.
FC2 provides only Courier and dovecot.
The trick is to have known this before and when you upgraded your RH9 system
to FC1, switched from wu-imapd to dovecot, which is similarly easy to
Then the FC1 to FC2 upgrade would keep dovecot in place, rather than
upgrading wu-imapd to Courier, which is more complex to configure than
dovecot, but more featureful.

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I had FC1 installed and had no problem with imap, and pop3. I recently 
install FC2, and when I did chkconfig --list, I don't see either imap or 
pop3. Did I miss anything here?


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