a wibble wish list

Sam Barnett-Cormack s.barnett-cormack at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jun 8 06:33:24 UTC 2004

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Chadley Wilson wrote:

> Dear fedora friends, developers and rocket scientists,
> I wish for a better package manager,
> When Ive installed fedora I have to install apt-get and synaptic, and
> they down work from my cds.
> I wish you could make my customers a graphical front end to the cds that
> they can choose apt from the cd.
> I wish that the package manager would give feed back especially one that
> says:
> Hey user I have successfully installed your package,
> You can start your new program by in the following ways a b c
> For more info visit www.helponyourpackage.org
> or
> Hey user you need to obtain the following deps to get this package
> working. etc
> Mmmm, I wish I wish I wish I was a programmer then I would do it myself,
> but I'm not,

Try yum. Dunno about GUIs for it, but it'll work quite nicely - dunno
about from the CDs. It'll also automatically find dependencies, as long
as the dependencies are withing the repositories it has access to.

An RPM can potentially display 'you can start this package by *blah*'
messages, AIUI, but they generally don't. And then it'd only work at the
command line.


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