yum update question

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at web.de
Tue Jun 8 12:11:48 UTC 2004

Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Rainer Traut um 13:24:
> Hi,

> Is there a way to exclude one repository from yum update ?
> A flag in yum.conf would be nice, to not use this entry for yum update?!

I have two yum config files: yum.conf and yum.conf.updates, which only
holds the address of "os" and "updates-released".

Add "-c /etc/yum.conf.updates" to the command line of to the cronjob
/etc/cron.daily/yum.cron, then yum will use a separate config file for
nightly updates.


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