[Fedora] Re: FC1 stable, FC2 ... you wish.

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at Weiss.name
Tue Jun 8 13:41:24 UTC 2004

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Craig White wrote:
> I guess it's just me but I tend to stick to proven distro's for
> production servers. I wouldn't necessarily put FC-1 in that category and
> obviously, not FC-2. Obviously Red Hat considers their RHEL to be the
> 'stable' product and Fedora to be the experimental/development product. 
> The philosophy has changed since RHL.
> That being said, I guess in the final analysis, what you have done here
> is commit the proverbial spin yours and everyone else's wheels.
> Consider please:
> - it ain't a bug if it isn't in bugzilla.
> - if you have a problem, the moment you 'rollback', your problem report
> is relegated to the equivalent of noise to the list since no suggested
> fixes can be experimented.
> I am amazed at the number of people that don't recognize the
> experimental nature of the Fedora distribution and are content to be
> part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

That's the funny thing.  Every time somebody complains that FC is 
"unstable" or "experimental" (usually threatening to move to another 
distro in the same breath), about a dozen acolytes jump in and slam the 
OP.  Those of us who are becoming more and more unhappy with FC miss the  
solidity of RHL.  We're lifting our voices, hoping for a positive response 
but getting slammed instead.

I'm still running RHL 9 for my home server because, by the time I was 
satisfied that FC 1 was working relatively well on a test PC, FC 2 came 
out.  Well, that meant that my FC 1 install would only be supported for 
another couple of months.  (Yes, I know about fedora legacy, but they're 
swamped and don't have a track record yet.)  So, I held off to see how FC 
2 would work.  It doesn't.  There are a *lot* of things broken with FC 2, 
several of which are show-stoppers for me.  (Is *anybody* *ever* gonna fix 
OpenSSL so that dovecot will work with it???)

I can't afford to run RHEL ES at home, and the WS doesn't have all of the 
services that I run for myself.  I'm not rich, nor am I a corporation.  
I'm just a guy who wants to have his little 866MHz PIII Celeron humming 
away doing what I need it to.  Fedora would be just fine  if I could count 
on installing it and then being able to leave it for a year or two without 
having to worry about whether or not the security patches would dry up.  

I dunno.  I loved RHL enough to convince my boss to move from Windoze to 
linux in our data center.  But now that we've gotten the funding and are   
doing evaluations, other distros are now looking good.  We're especially 
impressed with SuSe's Open Exchange.

Sorry for the rambling.  It just feels like my best friend died. :(


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