[Fedora] Re: FC1 stable, FC2 ... you wish.

Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Tue Jun 8 16:19:07 UTC 2004

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On Tuesday 08 June 2004 16:50, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 15:27:51 +0100, Andy Green <fedora at warmcat.com> wrote:

> >  and was depressed to find
> > that the latest SuSE is 2.6 and not exhibiting the kinds of problems we
> > see in FC2
> I would like to know how you know people using the latest suse are not
> seeing similar problems.  

"SuSE users beat me over the head with it" is the best I can offer.  And the 
fact that SuSE users won't be seeing the problems with the FC2 
install/installed kernel that came from the RH-specific kernel patches. 

> Can you point be to a public bugzilla that Suse
> uses that catelogs reported problems that I can search. I'd love to make a
> comparison for myself, but I can't seem to find a public
> bugzilla.

Nope.  They seem to have paid support, read-only knowledgebase and a ml.    
Sort of like MSFT.

I glance at their ml archives and I see this:


''Curious. I returned my copy after all the problems I was having with
filesystem corruption. I'm still not happy with the solution (returning
to Fedora), but I have to run SOMETHING. Has anyone figured out a single
point of failure as to why so many people such as myself are having
random problems with SuSE 9.1? I'd like to give it a go, but not in its
current state''

(Off to beat that over some SuSE users' heads)

- -Andy

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