Continueing BlackScreen/Freeze

Carroll Grigsby cgrigs at
Wed Jun 9 02:08:19 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 08 June 2004 08:51 pm, Ragone_Andrew wrote:
> I have just installed Mandrake over the Fedora Core 2 distro that I had
> intended to install. Installation went fine but I figureed I would try this
> distro as FC2 kept randomly freezing and giving me blank screens (not
> sending data to the monitor so that it goes into a sleep mode).
> I booted up Mandrake today and it froze so I restarted as FC2 once did.
> Then when I was in it again and trying to configure my Network, it put me
> into this blank screen where I cannot user anything...My keyboard locks up
> (no Caps Lock lights, etc work).
> This happened before on FC2 as i mentioned and am starting to wonder if it
> is hardware specific. Does anyone know of any problems related to having 2
> CD/DVD RW drives attached to the computer, ATI AIW Radeon PCI Video Card
> Issues, or 2+ hard drive issues?

Tough to say without some more information. Which kernel? Which version of 
Mandrake? (There's been a bunch of those lately.) What about the rest of your 
hardware? Have you been successful with any earlier/other Linux?
-- cmg

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