Hang after enabling swap space

Miroslav Halas fedora at bastafidli.com
Wed Jun 9 17:43:34 UTC 2004

You will think this is the craziest thing. I just keep restarting the 
computer and suddenly after it waited for couple of minutes it moved 
forward. I got some error message such as ERROR ..... (maybe somethign 
about deadlock broken)??? and then it loaded.

I don't have explanation for this, before the computer ws running for 
more than an hour and was hung on the enabling swap space.

Any idea what is going on?

Sean Estabrooks wrote on 6/9/2004, 12:17 PM:

 > On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 11:40:36 -0500
 > "Miroslav Halas" <fedora at bastafidli.com> wrote:
 > > I have forced file system integrity check and the system still hangs
 > > during Enabling swap space? Even if I get interactive boot it still
 > > hangs before I can do anything. Any idea how to troubleshoot it?
 > Hi there,
 > You could try booting into rescue mode from the installation
 > CD and redo the swap preparation step:
 > mkswap /dev/<your swap partition>
 > Also, while you're there you could comment out the swap line
 > in your /etc/fstab file so that swap is not mounted on boot.
 > This will let you try to start swap manually, with the swapon
 > command.   Once it works without a problem you can reset
 > the /etc/fstab file so that it is mounted each boot.
 > Good luck,
 > Sean

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