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James Wilkinson james at
Wed Jun 9 19:19:23 UTC 2004

Mark Haney wrote:
> I am almost certain this has been discussed on here before, but I want  
> some expert opinion on this.  I have an FC2 box at home that dual boots  
> XP.  I only use XP for games and I'm running out of space on my FC2 side,  
> what's the best way to add the extra space to my FC2 install?  I have  
> partition magic to use for shrinking my XP partition, so that's not going  
> to be a problem.  Anyone have any preferences?

How is your hard drive partitioned?

Assuming it's something like
hda1    xp
hda5    /
hda6    swap
my preference would be to make either a new /home partition or a new
/usr partition (depending on how much space you're adding and how full
those trees are getting). The I'd temporarily mount the new partition
somewhere, copy everything from the old tree to the new filesystem,
set up /etc/fstab to mount the new partition in the right place,
reboot, check that it's working properly, *then* reboot to blow away
the old file tree.

Erm... you should be able to delete the old files under /usr or /home
from single-user mode. You might find it easier to use tomsrtbt, the FC2
rescue CD, or Knoppix (or similar): that way you're not trying to run a
system from the same partition that you're modifying.

You'll still need to have an (empty) /usr or /home directory on your
root partition: Unix-like systems expect to mount filesystems on
existing directories.


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