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tegner at nada.kth.se tegner at nada.kth.se
Thu Jun 10 07:11:09 UTC 2004

Hm, why not use kickstart or systemimager (I would kickstart)? Seems to me
that would be a faster way to install the linux on new machines.


> On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 23:54, Wayne Steenburg wrote:
>> > Linux is easy, lazy people critise, curse and fail.
>> Not trying to 'criticize', but ... :)
> You are missing the point, I need a complete fedora distro like MDK so
> that we can ship the std disks with our mass produced computers.
> Our company is making a huge dent in the PC market here in SA with
> Linux. to configure each PC one by one is timely.
> I have in full production 50 employees of which 22 are builders /
> software loaders.
> Yes I do have disk duplicators and yes I do save images, But they are
> huge! Becuase there are very few if any disk duplicators that can
> actually manage the Linux file systems.
> So if you have an 80 gig hard drive you get an 80 image of it regardless
> of whether or not the drive is full,
> it still take 20 to 30 mins at a speed of 1.6GB/min to dump linux hard
> drives. It is time consuming and I am very impatent :-> .
> But as I said "wibble wish"
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> Linux is easy, lazy people critise, curse and fail.
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