End of life for FC1?

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 10 13:12:54 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:04:56 +0300
"Doncho N. Gunchev" <mr700 at globalnet.bg> wrote:

>     I can't use FC2 on my personal PC now, not until the 3c509C support
> is fixed and nVidia releases drivers or I buy ATI..., but I still do
> some tests. I've installed FC2 as second OS and I can always (after
> some /etc/fstab tweaks) chroot to it, update and test almost everything
> else but the kernel. As far as I've tested, FC2 packages do rebuild well
> with FC1 and work (I needed quota, nfs-utils and something else in order
> to get NFS with fixed port numbers). I can't say FC2 is more or less
> stable than FC1 - there are situations where FC2 works much much better,
> but there are problems too...
>     Hope this helps someone... and the idea is not too bad.

I don't know anything about a 3c509C problem and a quick search of 
bugzilla and the archives doesn't return anything.   There's been chatter 
for a long time that some 3com nics don't play nice with kudzu and 
you can work around that problem by turning off kudzu.   Don't know 
if that's related to what  you're seeing though.

Your nVidia video card will work fine with FC2 it will just lack 3D 
acceleration.   If you absolutely need 3D acceleration then there are 
instructions available that will guide you through the steps to install 
the binary only driver.   For future purchases, avoid nVidia and buy
hardware supported by open source and you can avoid this step.


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