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Kevin F. Berrien wrote:

| With the help of many on the previous thread (Firewall - Very limited
| Access - suggestions), I've built my firewall using fwbuilder & FC1.  At
| present I've got it set up in a test environment.  The firewall seems to
| be operating correctly with one exception, but my real problem is with
| my routing.  I've always been terrible with routing....  At present, I
| can't traverse from a workstation on the "internal" subnet to host on
| "external" subnet, or internet.
| I am not using NAT on this firewall, it just bridges two subnets -
| allowing very specific traffic through (antivirus/windows-sus, remote
| desktop).  I need to get the routing between subnets working through the
| firewall.
| "external subnet" - eth0 -
| gatway to internet -
| eth0 ip gw =
| "internal subnet" - eth1 -
| eth1 ip gw =
| test host "internal"
| ip gw =
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1)  Routing is a step by step process.  You seem to have 2 servers
involved... and yours at and

The problem, you will need access to both servers to update routing for
both machines so you can get everything working.

a)  make a route in that routes traffic for to
your IP of  This will allow your gateway server/router
to route packets to this additional network properly.

b)  I don't believe you need a gateway for eth1.  I could be wrong....

c)  NOW, try pinging from You should get
responses back.  If so, try next.

d)  NOW, try pinging from  You should get
responses back.  If so, try next.

Let us know the results of the tests and get back with us.

James Kosin

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