A word of appreciation

Peter Silcock smallcreep at quista.net
Thu Jun 10 17:18:41 UTC 2004

I can understand the frustration of those who are installing FC2, just 
want it to work, work out the box, and work straight away, yet find 
themselves confronted by error messages and misdemeanours.  Although 
I've had one or two problems myself since moving to Red Hat 9 last year, 
and twice been through the cycle of depair and try another distro (only 
to encounter the same problems there), on the whole it's been a great 
experience.  I'm not a natural team player but I appreciate all the 
effort that the OS community puts into improving the quality of the 
distros and especially the kindness of strangers.  Thanks to you all.

Doubly sad to find people driven to simple abuse and aggressive 
tirades.  What really surprises me about all this is that so many people 
seem to be developing SIS/SSS* as if it is some kind of contagion spread 
by FC2 installs.  And we're not talking about newbies here (although a 
newbie who gets lippy deserves a slap, perhaps).  What's an allegedly 
experienced sysadmin doing running FC2 for business critical apps 
anyway?  If he worked in my place I'd suggest a change of occupation.  
How many hundred warnings and statements of purpose does it take to 
drive home the message that this is an experimental release?  If you 
want stability, try another distro - surely that's not too hard to 
understand.  What ever happened to piloting, prototyping and testing?  
And for heaven's sake RTFM.

So thanks to the mailing list correspondents who teach me stuff and add 
to my appreciation of Linux in general and Fedora in particular.  A pox 
on the others.

Peter Silcock

* That's Sudden Illiteracy Syndrome and Sudden Stupidity Syndrome.

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