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Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz at
Thu Jun 10 19:15:34 UTC 2004

At 12:51 6/10/2004, Andy Green wrote:
>Yeah.  They have complete control over what is in Fedora, not merely
>influence.  I track the development branch on several machines here so I am
>not so disturbed by being a testing ground myself.  That seems to be the
>take-it-or-leave-it deal, and RH are spending the money on it so it is tough
>to say they are unfair with that.  But still it is not a great deal under all


Machiavelli wrote several centuries ago that "power is never given, it is 
taken." This continues to be true, even when "taking" means asking nicely. 
It requires an act of initiative on the part of the taker to step forward. 

         1. Red Hat, Inc. has made it abundantly clear that they want to 
open the Fedora development process to a much wider community.

         2. They have expressed their intent to create, setup, manage, and 
pay for the entire management framework which Fedora Linux will need to 
build cooperatively this newer operating system. They have even apologized 
publicly on this list for moving more slowly than expected on that score.

         3. They have noted that the process would be evolutionary, not 
revolutionary, in order to cause minimal disruption for users.

         4. They have described "the community" for development as those 
who not only consume, but also contribute for the good of the community.

It seems blindingly obvious to me that it is now *our* turn at bat. Let 
each of us take the initiative and take some power. Start participating in 
some part of the devel or doc process, and you will (slowly) be given more 
power. Eventually it is up to this community to take more control over the 
devel process. If we do not step up and contribute, then RH will continue 
to do it themselves. There is no conjecture in this post; it is all fact 
and public statements.

What's so unfair in that?


Rodolfo J. Paiz
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