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Powell, James F CONT james.f.powell at
Thu Jun 10 21:28:59 UTC 2004

> At 11:42 6/10/2004, Powell, James F CONT wrote:
> >OK, I have 2 networked printers in this office, both HP Color 
> >LaserJets.  One is a 4500 and one is a 4550.  I'm using both 
> of them via 
> >JetDirect (which worked in FC1 without any modifications).  
> They both are 
> >maxed out in memory and have duplex units.  Upon upgrading 
> to FC2, both 
> >still are accessed, but only blank sheets of paper come out 
> regardless of 
> >what type of document I send to them.
> Is the JetDirect card internal? Or is it an external 
> printserver? 

It is an internal card in the printers.

> Which URL 
> or address are you using to print to the printers? 

I'm using the physical IP address of each of them, in this case Cubicle has an IP of

> Does CUPS actually claim 
> to support them? If so, with which drivers or methods? 

When you go through the printer setup, there are Drivers listed for both of the printers in the setup, so I hope that CUPS supports them.  I included the 4550 in this message, as it is the only one included in the machine I can get to from this machine.

> Can you post the 
> relevant sections of the config files? 

<Location /printers/Cubicle>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From
AuthType None
<Location />
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From
Browsing On
BrowseProtocols cups
BrowseOrder Deny,Allow
BrowseAllow from @LOCAL

> Are there any errors in the logs?

Nope, CUPS seems to think it did it's job, and at least paper came out.
> Can you print to those networked printers from an FC1 box? 

Yes, no problems except it is only black and white (no color), which I can deal with, I rarely need color anyway.

> Are there *any* 
> visible differences in the configurations between FC1 and FC2?

Nothing that is obvious.

> DETAILS!!! <grin> It is impossible to troubleshoot anything 
> without lots of details. 

Sorry, I should know not to do this type of thing while I'm working on the aircraft, not enough time to really think about what you need.

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