sound not working VIA-82xx on core 2

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at
Fri Jun 11 10:18:46 UTC 2004

Do you have the speaker plugged into the mic port? With Linux, the 
audio comes up in the 6 speaker mode, and the micro phone port is 
the port that regular should comes out of. I've got a dual boot setup, 
and in windows. I used the software to have it act like a normal 
sound card, and it works fine, but in linux I have to move the 
speakers to the mic port to get sound, but it works fine for regular 
sound and DVD.

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> Just installed FC2, it detects my soundcard upon install, but when i press 
> the "test" button no sound comes. I pressed OK anyway and tried turning up 
> the volume (alsamixer, aumix). Still no sound. The soundcard detected is:
> VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97
> module: snd-via82xx
> On red-hat 9, the module used was via82cxxx, worked OK, no luck with this 
> alsa so far. Is there any fix without having to download anything?
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