Fedora crash on boot-reiserfs partition question

Rory Gleeson rory at childwelfare.ca
Sat Jun 12 19:58:03 UTC 2004


I'm currently testing SuSE 9.1 on my  primary drive (hda) (hold the tomatoes, 
I'm  just testing it).  

I can successfully load Fedora 2 on my second drive, hdb.  I put the 
bootloader on hdb mbr, so I can change the bios and boot each OS separately.

Problem is, every time Fedora is booting up, I get a "superblock" (I think 
that's what it said) error on hda2 (which is my SuSE partition in reiserfs).  

I'm not sure why Fedora is referencing my hda drive on boot, given that I 
switch my bios to boot from hdb, and the full Fedora OS and bootloader  are 
on hdb.  

Any suggestions or ideas?


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