Install from floppy redux

John Alam sydney at
Sun Jun 13 16:33:42 UTC 2004

Hello again everyone:

I have a couple of old Intergraph SMP machines with RAID controllers,  the BIOS wont allow boot from CD, but a Win98 startup floppy will alow install from the CD.

I realise that the FC2 kernel is too large to fit on a floppy, however, I wanted to ask someone a LOT LOT more knowledgeable than me this:

1:    Has anyone figured out a way to run the Boot CD in a similar manner?

2:    Is there a way to put some kind of image on a hard drive where it could start the boot process and then the rest of the FC2 goes on from an FTP server?

It would be a shame to use these servers in a Win2k environment!!

Thanks for any & all suggestions.


John Alam
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