R: New Fedora Core 2 Kernel.

Antonio Terreno java2me_org at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 14 09:06:28 UTC 2004

Hi all, 
I'm new of this list. 
I'm new of Fedora ;-)

I've installed fedora core 2 on my asus m6n.

.  PentiumR M processor 1.4 GHz  
.  15.4" WXGA/WSXGA+ 256K Color Max 
.  IntelR 855 PM Chipset 
.  IntelR PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection  
.  ATI MobilityT RADEONT 9600 

- Howto configure the power safing of the PentiumR M? 
- Howto configure the WideScreen Display [1280x800]? Now my resulution is
800x600 :'-(
- Howto configure the IntelR PRO/Wireless?
- Howto configure the RADEONT 9600? I've alredy seen the ATI drivers but
they are for xfree... :'-(

A lot of questions...
I promise in the future to post also some answers...! ;-)

Kind regards,


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