[FC2] ISA cards not detected....

Bob Chiodini chiodr at kscems.ksc.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 14 15:55:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 11:23, antonio montagnani wrote:
> I have on my old router two ISA cards, that were properly working on FC1...
> Now both the network card (a NE2000) and the sound Card (I guess a AWE 
> from creative are not detected.
> Very annoying for a router based on two network cards!!!!
> I have read in ugzilla some message from Chadley Wilson, but it seems no 
> solution at the moment.Is it true??
> Any hint???

The NE2000 cards require support for ISA network cards (CONFIG_NET_ISA)
to be turned on in the kernel.  There are posting regarding this in the
fedora-list archives.

The thread starts here:


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