problem installing (or is it pre-installing?) Fedora Core 2: any suggestions?

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at
Mon Jun 14 19:34:12 UTC 2004

Dear all,

I have a strange problem in trying to install FC2. The kickstart screen shows
up and I hit "Return" to begin the installation process. After the usual things
running past the screen (including a scary "hdg1 not found!") the system just
hangs, and all I get is the blue screen with Alt, Spacebar and F12 on the
bottom. It does not recover even after an hour.

Any ideas as to what is going on, and fixes around this? I am using a Dell
Precision 650 Workstation (dual-processor) and have an ATA raid 1200a pci card.
It worked without a hitch with both RH9 and FC1.

Thanks a bundle for any help, and best wishes!

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