Ben Stringer ben at
Tue Jun 15 05:21:38 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 13:15, THE ANALYZERS wrote:
> Hi, I have ethereal  0.10.3-2.1 installed. I know it because I typed "rpm -q 
> ethereal". But whenever I type ethereal as root or otherwise,  I get  
> "ethereal: Command not found." Does someone know how to start it?

I have 0.10.3-0.1.1 installed (FC1), and it runs fine using "ethereal"
as root.


rpm -q ethereal -l

which will show you all the files associated with that RPM. You should
have a "/usr/sbin/ethereal", and it should have execute permission set.

Cheers, Ben

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