FC2 Issues

Christensen Tom paveraware at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 16:54:11 UTC 2004

I would just like to publicly voice my complete and utter disatisfaction 
with you people.  Redhat has been my linux of choice for 6 years, and I 
appreciated FC1, but since I can't install FC2 because of 2 very huge bugs 
(the dual booting bug, and the Asus Mobo bug) that were known well in 
advance of release, and were not fixed, and remain unfixed, I will never be 
using or recommending a redhat product ever again.  You have seriously 
destroyed a good product and a good name by not following the #1 tenet of 
open source software, namely RELEASE WHEN ITS READY!!!  How could you let 2 
bugs of this magnitude go completely unresolved through 3 test releases and 
the final release when you knew about both of them immediately after test 1 
was released in February??!!  Get your act together re-release new ISOs that 
fix these 2 problems within 2 weeks or you are costing redhat an estimated 
50k/yr in licenses that I control.  We will be moving to Novell/Suse.
Thank you,
Tom Christensen

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