FC2 Issues

Edward Croft ecroft at OPENRATINGS.com
Tue Jun 15 17:28:44 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 13:10, srb wrote:
> > Redhat has been my linux of choice for 6 years
> ......
> > Get your act together re-release new ISOs that
> > fix these 2 problems within 2 weeks or you are costing redhat an estimated
> > 50k/yr in licenses that I control.  We will be moving to Novell/Suse.
> > Thank you,
> > Tom Christensen
> Why don't you just use Redhat then? From what I understand, Fedora is a
> public testing platform... Redhat is the stable version.
> - - s r b - -
> /mnt/this!

Because he has a point. Granted this is provided free and is supposed to
be cutting edge, but these were two known deficiencies. I have been
bitten by the dual boot bug. With help from many here and elsewhere,
thanks Sean, I will get it back working, but we shouldn't have had to
deal with that with a "release" version. Are we to treat all versions of
Fedora as release candidates and not true released product? I have been
working with RH since 99. I run RHAS on my production, but have been
testing Fedora on the workstation side. I use Fedora at home. I liked
Core 1. It was fairly solid, a few minor bugs, but stable. Core 2 hosed
my XP partition and I have had a few other niggling things. I work
through them, but as he stated, this is the release, not test version.
The dual boot issue and a motherboard issue are major issues that should
have been show stoppers. As stated, this can cause a black eye to the
distribution and to Red Hat by inference. While I greatly anticipated
the Core 2 release for the 2.6 kernel, I would have bided my time if it
had been announced that there were a couple of issues and the release
was pushed off. I am hoping that real testing takes place with Core 3
and that it is not released with major issues still hanging, just to
release it. 
I will stand by Core 2 and will work through the issues. I just hope
that this haphazard style of release does not become the norm. 

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