changing bootloaders in FC2

T. 'Nifty New Hat' Mitchell mitch48 at
Tue Jun 15 22:05:06 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 04:06:35PM -0700, Globe Trotter wrote:
> Here is the detailed stuff that comes up on the screen:

> Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A BIOS Array Configuration Utility v1.3
> Press <CTRL H> to run BIOS Array Configuration Utility Scan Devices. Please
> wait.... (I do nothing...)
> Primary  Master: WDC WD 1200JB 75CRAO
> Primary Slave: No Drive
> Secondary Master: WDC WD 1200JB 75CRAO
> Secondary Slave: No Drive
> GRUB Loading Stage 2....
> (keep waiting for doomsday....)
> Any suggestions? Let me know if I can provide more information, thanks!

On a chance,

Did you look inside the box for drive light activity.
(Listen as well...)

If you trigger a raid to be on it could take an hour or more for the
initialization/ recovery code to finish mirroring the two devices so
they are full reflections of each other and ready for use.   RTFM...

Without knowing the way the device (BIOS code in this case) works I
cannot guess if it will let you continue reading and writing at the
same time that an initialization/ recovery is in progress.

Some RAIDS have throttles to slow the recovery process so the RAID
continues to be useful during recovery.  Other camps want the
existing data to be mirrored/recovered as soon as possible minimizing
the window where data loss is possible.

I see in you last post that you discovered an LSI something that you
disabled and moved ahead.....  

Anyhow download the book on the motherboard, and LSI thing and see
what makes sense looking back at the history of postings and your
memory.  Do look for the initialization/ setup section in the
documentation. Things might get clear with hind sight.

In some cases mother boards have hardware that supports the RAID but
drivers are needed for the OS.  i.e. The BIOS enables the driver but
may not be the driver.  If the BIOS disables the feature then the
hardware presents simple standard disks.  RTFM...

Opinions matter, If you are not up and running already turn off
the BIOS/hardware RAID and use the Linux OS stuff.

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