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T. 'Nifty New Hat' Mitchell mitch48 at
Wed Jun 16 01:19:43 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 09:38:45PM -0500, John Thompson wrote:
> I just installed "grip" (3.2.0) on my FC1 system.  I just tried ripping
> some tracks from a CD, and grip seemed very happy and busy all the
> while, finished without any errors -- *BUT* -- where the devil does it
> put the tracks?  I've searched my whole system and can't see that it
> actually wrote anything to the disk after all the work it did.  Nor can
> I see any configuration option to tell grip where you want it to write
> its output.
> Any clues welcome...

In grip click on Config --> Rip

    You will see a line "Rip file format" that looks something like 
    /b/mp3/%A/%d/%n.wav  which places all the files in /b/mp3
    in directories by %A (artist) etc.  Yours will be different.

In grip click on Config --> Encode

    You will see a line "Encode file format",
    that contains a line sort of like: /b/mp3/%A/%d/%n.ogg
    I believe that the default would be $HOME/ogg for
    when oggenc is used to encode files.   Yours will be different.

These and other configuration values are saved in a text file in your
home directory ".grip".  See: $HOME/.grip
     $ grep fileformat .grip
     ripfileformat /b/mp3/%A/%d/%n.wav
     mp3fileformat /b/mp3/%A/%d/%n.ogg
     m3ufileformat ~/ogg/%A-%d.m3u

Remember that grip often runs with two passes.  First a rip with a
tool, commonly cdparanoia, then it optionally can transform that .wav
file to another more compact format.  The default plugin encoder is
oggenc for ogg encoding.  It is possible to find mp3 encoders on the
net and other encoders too.  Each encoder was developed for a set of

Sadly mp3 technology is not "free" so none is included in FCn.  Ogg is
a good encoder.  If your player does not support it, request an update
from the vendor or purchase a different one.

I am speculating, but, if your player came with encoder and ripping
software for mp3 I believe that you have a license to run equivalent
mp3 software on equivalent/ compatible hardware.  Even if you have to
find, download and compile it.  But I am not an attourney...  Do look
at the fine print on the eula including patent numbers hidden here and

Me I use ogg.

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