New User - Part 2

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Thu Jun 17 19:44:46 UTC 2004

> Re books, there's not much available for Fedora yet as it's too new.
> However, I can suggest that O'Reilly has what they call a "Safari"
> You spend $10 per month and you can have up to 5 (any 5!) of their books
> your electronic bookshelf at any time. When you check in one book you can
> check out another. And you have a limit on checkins/checkouts per month so
> you don't go hogwild. :-)
> Given that most of their books are fantastic, and that each book is
> normally $40 or so, I see Safari as a great deal. They also have larger
> accounts and stuff... see:

Thanks for that info... And for the OP, I can vouch that O'Reilly's Linux in
a Nutshell is indespensible for me!

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