New User - Part 2

Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz at
Thu Jun 17 22:36:19 UTC 2004

At 13:45 6/17/2004, Shadow wrote:
>To Rodolfo:  Yeah...waiting would be ideal, but the NT is occupying the
>router position that I want for linux.....and I am behind a firewall so
>I will install it but won't let the public access apache until I am sure
>that I configured it right.

If you want to set it up as your router, then let me know and I'll send you 
example dhcpd.conf, named.conf, ntp.conf, and other instructions. I can 
also help you set up your firewall, routing, and gateway service (using 
Shorewall since that's the tool I'm most comfortable with). I've been 
trying for *months* to finish a document showing exactly how to do this. 
You can read the short and tiny pieces I have so far by going here...

...and selecting the "Small Netserver HOWTO". I'll be happy to help you 
either on- or off-list since any testing will be useful in improving my 
document. The only requirement is that you give me feedback on the HOWTO, 
and the only caveat is that it sometimes takes me a few hours to respond to 


Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz at

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