IBM Bladecenter and Fedora Core 2

Paul Dickson dickson at
Thu Jun 17 22:57:59 UTC 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:34:54 -0500, Benji Spencer wrote:

> We seem to be having a problem installing FC2 on the IBM bladecenter. While 
> it isn't apparent as to what may be causing the problem, it seems like it 
> may be related to the USB.
> Here is a brief overview of what is happening. I am not performing these 
> myself, but rather received the information second hand.
> The CD is inserted and booted. It gives the welcome screen where and lets 
> you select the text or graphics modes (this error doesn't seem to be 
> dependant upon one or the other). After a bit, it will pop up a little 
> message about USB being enabled (guessing that the keyboard and mouse 
> actually look like USB connections to the blade?). The message goes away 
> and is left with nothing but a blue screen with the options at the bottom 
> for navigation and the Fedora logo. When switching to the other terminals 
> (alt F keys), there are message about the USB modules being loaded -- but 
> no errors.
> Has anyone installed FC2 on the Bladecenter or has experienced something 
> like the above before?

What CPU is in the bladeserver?  There's a long thread in bugzilla about
getting FC2 to boot on CPUs without the pse flag in /proc/cpuinfo.  I
ended up creating two additional CDs: one to bootstrap the install process
and one to hold a new kernel RPM to install after FC2 is installed.


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