Server frozen during boot

James Wilkinson james at
Fri Jun 18 12:26:39 UTC 2004

Alonzo Hess wrote:
> The power on my FC2 server spiked and the damn UPS didn't do it's job,
> so when the server rebooted I had it check the filesystem. It
> continued to boot until it got to "Starting the system bus" where is
> is now frozen in limbo. It won't go any farther. What's my next move?
> Well it gets weirder in that I can SSH into the box and HTTPD is

then later:
> started. It looks like everything started except it's still frozen at
> "Starting the system bus".

Is that "Starting system message bus:" ? I'm assuming it is.

A few questions:

How many filesystems do you have? Each one should have a lost+found
directory in it. Are they all empty?

What happens if you run rpm -V dbus ? If you get any response, you might
want to reinstall the dbus rpm. If you don't, then there's something else
wrong. The system is probably hanging somewhere around line 147 of
/etc/init.d/functions: you might want to carefully put a few echo lines
in to see exactly what it's running and where it stops.

(It's not surprising that httpd is up: it's set to start before dbus.)

Good luck!


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