[FC2] - AVM Fritz card not recognized

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at web.de
Sat Jun 19 12:01:26 UTC 2004

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb antonio montagnani um 18:34:

> I had deleted the entry from modprobe.con and rebooted.Still not able to 
> load ISDN modules at boot-time

After installation I had

$ grep eth /etc/modprobe.conf
alias eth0 8139too
alias eth1 hisax

I used system-config-network -> Hardware to delete eth1 (that deleted
the eth1 line in modprobe.conf, too) and added a new "AVM PCI
(Fritz!PCI)". Save an exit.

> If I go to system-config-network no eth2 present but 
> AVMFritz(PCI)---that is recognized--is configured and not ok.What does 
> it mean??? and what next???
$ chkconfig isdn on
$ service isdn restart
isdnlog herunterfahren					[  OK  ]
ISDN-Module entladen					[  OK  ]
ISDN-Module laden 					[  OK  ]
isdnlog starten						[  OK  ]
$ lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
hisax                 452444  1
isdn                  111328  5 hisax
slhc                    5632  1 isdn

...everything seems to work! Status in system-config-network is
"Configured", now create an isdn connection (provider etc.)

> Tnx a lot for help!!!!

You are welcome


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