Locking down Fedora Core 2 desktop

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Sat Jun 19 12:45:00 UTC 2004


I installed Fedora Core 2 on a new PC. This PC will be a dedicated to
guests of a hotel. For this reason it should provide some functionality on
one side and on other side it should prevent users to do other stuff.

The functionality needed:
1. User friendly;
2. Browsing the Internet;
3. Sending / receiving mails (from web browser ... so same as first);
4. Multi lingual;
5. Open-Office (it should be allowed for a guest to write a short document
   and to print it);
6. Copying files from memory cards (e.g. Compact-Flash) to CD (CD burner).
7. Remote locking (or at least loging off) of local loged user desktop.

I'm planing of using GNOME desktop.

Functionality from 1. to 6. is provided by default by Fedora Linux.

So I still have to solve some problems:
1. Is it possible to remotely (from SSH session) lock the desktop
   (screen saver lock ?) of the local loged user? How can I achieve this?
2. Is it possible to remotely (from SSH session) log out a local loged in
   user without restarting the X server (init 3 && init 5)? How can I
   achieve this?
3. Is there any easy way or a compressible (easy) doc file how to
   costumize GNOME menses and desktop? I want to leave only few icons in
   the menu / desktop?
   Can I make this settings writable only by root (read only for user) so
   that after logout / login the predefined settings will be loaded?
4. Is it posible to prevent a user from running not allowed applications?
   I want to avoid changing 'x' bit of N binaries. I would like to costumize
   a file browser to allow only browsing memory cards and copy the content
   to CDs ... I also want to disallow creating shortcuts on the desktop (so
   that the user will not be able to run e.g. xterm). How can I do this?
5. Which 'easy to use' program should I use for burning CDs?

Any additional hint / suggestion?


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