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melgil88 melgil88 at
Sat Jun 19 23:39:10 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 11:56, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> At 04:29 6/19/2004, melgil88 wrote:
> >Due to popular demand, now without the shouting ;)
> thank you thank you thank you thank you ... <grin>

See!  Here's someone who likes the no shouting ;)
> >Comments/questions? Please send email to me, Lisa, at
> >melgil88 at
> Excellent! I would only suggest that you change the "From" field in your 
> mail client to reflect your real name (Lisa something) rather than 
> melgil88.

::shifty eyes::

>  Nice for people to get to know you, especially if you later 
> change email addresses. 
> And since you are likely going to build up a great 
> reputation over time in this community, you want to make sure that rep is 
> attached to the right name/person. :-)

Thanks for the suggestion (and compliments) but I'd rather remain
anonymous, as I'm simply an Average Joe End User who's just a wee bit
anal-retentive and likes order.  I also have a unique last name that
anyone can pick out of the phone book, and I'm paranoid.  I'm not going
to worry about any reputation I might or might not build, 'cause I'm
just a simple chick who knows what it's like to be a n00b.  The people
who have the answers are the ones who are important; I just want to give
folks an easier path to them ;)

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