Changing from i586 to athlon kernel rpm in core 1

James Wilkinson james at
Sun Jun 20 18:29:51 UTC 2004

John L. Pierce asked:
> I originally installed core 1 2115.i586 on an AMD K6-2 500Mhz, which is
> an i586 arch, I have since changed the underlying motherboard to an AMD
> Athlon and I am trying to install 2188.athlon kernel rpm since I now
> have an i686 or Athlon arch.
> However, I keep getting this message from rpm:
> package kernel-2.4.22-1.2188.nptl is intended for a athlon architecture
> I would like to be able to change the kernel architecture but I have had
> no luck with this.
> I have used the --force option but to no avail.
How about the --ignorearch option?

ne commented:
> You never mentioned whether you changed the cpu as well as
> the mobo. If the cpu did not change then you have to use
> the i586 or i386 kernel.

The Athlon and K6 used completely different sockets and processor buses.
If John changed the motherboard, he would have had to change the CPU.



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