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Sun Jun 20 21:52:25 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 16:08, Sean Estabrooks wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 15:56:26 -0400 (EDT)
> Tom Diehl <tdiehl at rogueind.com> wrote:
> > 
> > I do not know where you work, but wheel mice are the norm everywhere I work.
> > It worked before so as far as I am concerned some change in this latest
> > kernel broke it. I have had this kvm for 3 years without a problem. It worked
> > with RHL 7.3/8.0/9, FC1, FC2 until now. I just looked in bugzilla and saw the
> > same suggestion. The problem is that for me not having my wheel work is
> > just as bad as not having the mouse work. I am used to having it so if it
> > does not work, I will waste time scrolling the wheel.
> Sure, wheel mice are the norm.   It's just that KVM's aren't typically used
> with machines that have a person in front of them all day long.  More often
> they're used in a server room and only used for occasional access.   Given
> the great remote access capabilities of Linux using a KVM is often not
> needed for day to day use.

I decided many years ago that I needed more than one computer at home
and knew right away that I only wanted to have a single keyboard,
monitor and mouse. Monitor real estate is important to me, and having
more than one 21" monitor just didn't make any sense for reasons like
cost and desk space. I currently am running five computers: two for
testing purposes, and the other three do what I call real work, one of
those I hope to decommission soon. I have Windows NT, Windows 2000,
several Linux distributions, and NetBSD.

I also know of a large company in Louisiana that makes use of KVM's with
computers that have a person in front of them all day long. They have
used Linux for a while and have recently greatly expanded their use of

Your assertion that "KVM's aren't typically used with machines that have
a person in front of them all day long" is one that doesn't match my

Fortunately, I have had good luck with the KVM's I have chosen working
well with my computers. The first one I got was from Rose Electronics, a
bit on the expensive side, but I would have to say worth it. I recently
got an Aten CS-228 that I have had no problems with.

I would hope that over time, since it doesn't currently seem to be the
case, that KVM's will get more direct consideration as devices that need
to be interoperated with by Linux. And I like the suggestion that they
be added to the HCL.

Just my $0.02.
C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at nc.rr.com>

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