FC2 x86_64 Crashing/Monitor sync off - Fixed Nautulus

Kc2LTO - Andrew Ragone kc2lto at arrl.net
Mon Jun 21 13:27:23 UTC 2004

Ok, well on Bugzilla i found the solution:


What you need to do is download the attached patch and then follow the
instructions on this page...to patch the RPM and install the working one:


Just do the following (as root):
- download the patch attached to the bug report
- copy the patch file to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
- Install the source package ORBit2-2.10.0-2.src.rpm
- cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
- tar -xvjf ORBit2-2.10.0.tar.bz2
- patch -p0 <ORBit2-
- tar -cvjf ORBit2-2.10.0.tar.bz2 ORBit2-2.10.0
- cd ../SPECS
- rpmbuild -bb ORBit2.spec
- rpm -Uvh --force ../RPMS/x86_64/ORBit2-2.10.0-2.x86_64.rpm
- now restart nautilus... no more crashes :-)



On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 22:34, Ragone_Andrew wrote:
> I have just fixed the nautulus bug issue...very simple once you know
> what to do.

Care to share?

I have just fixed the nautulus bug issue...very simple once you know what
to do. But now i have one more problem, which may be a combination of two
or two seperate ones. Heres what happened:

-First off, after using FC2 for awhile, it reset the refresh ratre to my
monitor when the monitor displayed: Sync out of Range - 1.3kHz 72Hz NN

-That is easily fixed by doign a CTRL-ALT-F8 and then CTRL_ALT-F7

-Second problem: monitor goes to a blank screen and cannot recover or the
display freezes at the current screen where the keyboard goes completely
unresponsive yet the mouse cursor can move around the screen

I am guessing its a video error. Do i need a new GFX card? Mine is old
being PCI arch and ATI All in Wonder Radeon [~7200 series]


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