problems since last update

Craig Thomas cjtinhp at
Mon Jun 21 13:49:57 UTC 2004

Bill Kavadas wrote:
> gillian bennett wrote:

>> I don't care about the fedora core 2 thing, 
That's good...I guess.


> Had the same issue on FC1 with KDE after apt-get upgrade - menu only has 
> about 5 or 6 items.

It appears [to me] you have both upgraded your systems to FC2.

apt-get update is what you wanted to use, NOT _upgrade_.  Big 
difference.  Update will update your current system packages, upgrade 
will upgrade your this case from FC1 to FC2.

Try uname -r to print out the kernel version...if it's anything like 
2.6.x.x you have FC2 [unless you've installed the new kernel to FC1].

As to how to 'fix' the problem, I don't really have any idea how to 
revert the upgrade.  Maybe re-installing [upgrading to] FC1 from the 
media will work.  O

> Cheers,
> Bill

Craig Thomas [cjtinhp at]

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