Network install with Kickstart file on remote server, but without DHCP

Mark msalists at
Mon Jun 21 23:11:09 UTC 2004

Hi again.

I just tried an HTTP install instead of the regular CDROM install for a FC1
system. So far so good, but I have to re-select all the different packages
Next I found the option to have the kickstart file remotely and using
ks=http:... as boot param. However, this requires that there is DHCP
available, so that the machine can get an IP address, gateway, etc assigned.
Since I don't have a DHCP server, I was wondering if I can specify the
required parameters manually. I would only need an IP address, maybe a
netmask (if it can't guess as default).
I can live with specifying an IP as ks location rather than a domain, so I
would not even need to specify a name server. Is this possible?
Or can I somehow start off with an "askmethod" installation that lets me
enter the network configuration there, but afterwards switch over to a
kickstart based partition-configuration and package selection?



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