Restore Grub

Scott Talbot talbotscott at
Tue Jun 22 03:09:29 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 16:13, admin at wrote:
> I have a client that develops in both Windows and Linux.  They're using 
> desktops that used to dual boot Windows 2000 and Fedora Core 2.  We're 
> about to roll out Windows XP Pro to each of the workstations, and when I 
> tested on one of them today, the Windows XP install wrote over the MBR 
> and now Grub no longer comes up, just boots straight into Windows XP.  I 
> searched the archived and say "grub-install \dev\hda" as a suggestion, 
> but when I boot off the FC2 CD, it doesnt have grub-install anywhere on 
> the CD.  Can someone give me another suggestion?

	Boot from the FC1 disk and enter 'rescue linux' at the first prompt...
After a little while you'll see "Found linux install at /dev/hdx... Use
this system?"  
	Tell it Yes, it'll tell you that it will start a shell and that you
should enter "chroot /the path to the installed linux system".
	After you've done that you can enter the grub-install /dev/hda command
followed by int 6(reboot) make sure the CD is removed!


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