How to create a boot disk on Fedora C2

Timothy Murphy tim at
Tue Jun 22 13:48:23 UTC 2004

ne... wrote:

> ' - Booting a kernel directly from a floppy without the assistance of a
>     bootloader such as LILO, is no longer supported.'

Maybe it's not "supported" (is anything supported?)
but it's perfectly possible, as I'm doing it with a syslinux floppy.
(Read /usr/share/doc/syslinux*/syslinux.doc.)

The reason why I am doing this is that my SCSI machine
will no longer boot from the hard disk.
(If anyone has any idea why I'd be glad to hear.)

I have also used mkbootdisk,
but this only allows me to boot from the currently running kernel.
If I want to compile and run from a new kernel
I have to use the syslinux floppy, as far as I can see.

(I could also boot from CD, as this still works.)

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