Kickstart installation

Mark msalists at
Tue Jun 22 18:44:35 UTC 2004

> ks=http:
> ks=http://$ADRESS
> > Is this the right syntax? How can I fix the error?
> You should not forget the two slashes after the colon.
Thanks for the response!

The website I found it on had left the slashes out and and also had colons
between server name and path - kind of like the location syntax scp uses as
well. Anyway - guess they were wrong...
This way it works:
ip= ks=

It still asks me for the network configuration though, is there a way to
make it pick it up from the "ip=..." parameter?

After entering the network parameters, it starts reading the kickstart file
from the server - I can see the requests in the access log.
Then I get the error message "Unable to retrieve"
However, there no entries in access-log neither in error-log that show that
the machine actually tried reading the file.
When I enter the URL into my workstation's browser I can download the file
without problems...
I don't know where the double slash between server name and path comes from,
but even with that I can still download it in the browser.

Any idea what is wrong now?



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