FC2 doubtful quality?

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at matchmail.com
Tue Jun 22 19:08:20 UTC 2004

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> eg Xorg does not work properly on machines with ATI Rage 128 video boards.

I've been using fc2 with a Dell Dimension 4400 with one of these cards 
without much trouble.  The only thing was my cursor went black after 
testing some 3d screensavers that are in fc2.  Here's my lspci output:

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corp. 82845 845 (Brookdale) Chipset Host 
Bridge (rev 04)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corp. 82845 845 (Brookdale) Chipset AGP Bridge 
(rev 04)
00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corp. 82801BA/CA/DB/EB/ER Hub interface to PCI 
Bridge (rev 05)
00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corp. 82801BA ISA Bridge (LPC) (rev 05)
00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corp. 82801BA IDE U100 (rev 05)
00:1f.2 USB Controller: Intel Corp. 82801BA/BAM USB (Hub #1) (rev 05)
00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corp. 82801BA/BAM SMBus (rev 05)
00:1f.4 USB Controller: Intel Corp. 82801BA/BAM USB (Hub #2) (rev 05)
00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corp. 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio 
(rev 05)
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 Pro 
Ultra TF
02:09.0 Ethernet controller: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21140 
[FasterNet] (rev 22)

> As far as I can see, 
> FC2 was released when there were known unresolved bugs in the test releases.
> In my view, it should have been delayed until these were fixed.
> It seems to have been released because a release date 
> had been fixed in advance.
> That is a silly way to organise distributions.
> I hope it will be changed.

It looks like with the fast schedule the fixes will be in the next 
release instead of fixing the current release.  I'm just speculating 

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