Jan Morén jan.moren at lucs.lu.se
Wed Jun 23 00:55:44 UTC 2004

First, you need to make sure they are running. Go to Menu->System
Settings->Server Settings->Services. Find them and activate them.

Now, in GTK2 applications, you should be able to right-click, and at the
bottom of the context menu you have "input methods". Under that submenu,
"Intranet/Internet Input Method" should be available. Select it. You
should be getting a small indicator square at the bottom of the window
with an [A] in it - you are writing Romaji. Press ctrl-space, and you
are writing Kana. ctrl-space again, and you ae back to Romaji.

So far, I have found this to work pretty well in almost all GTK
applications, including the terminal, evolution and gedit (which I
normally use to write Japanese).

I have not been able to make it work in OpenOffice, despite trying for
some time.

In Abiword, it is tantalizingly close to working - select the right font
("kochi mincho" or "kochi gothic"), and you can write, except that you
do not get a preview, so you are writing blindly until you commit a
string with enter.

I have no idea how to enable IIM input for Mozilla or Firebird; neither
have I tried.

Printing stuff seems to be a problem for me as well - except with
Abiword. My usual way to work atm is to write in gedit, then load the
text file in abiword and print it from there.

There is some panel applet for IIM, but it is pretty useless; it seems
to come and go as it wants, and has crashed my panel at some point too.

ons 2004-06-23 klockan 09.33 skrev kenkensmile at netscape.net:
> Hi,
> I am learning Japanese and got to type Japanese characters on my computer. I installed FreeWnn, llim and canna, but there is no language tool bar appeared on my computer. How can I type Japanese on my computer? Can anybody help me please? 
> Cheers,
> Ken
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