Problems with FC 2 - Touch-pad and PCMCIA Ethernet card

Daniele Masini d.masini at
Thu Jun 24 14:13:21 UTC 2004

Scot L. Harris wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 04:04, Daniele Masini wrote:
>>I change the line as you told me, and the system now can see my Ethernet PCMCIA 
>>card. But the eth0 interface does not come up. So, after the boot my Ethernet 
>>PCMCIA card lights are on but I have
> I learned from the list that to get a pcmcia network card to start on
> boot up you need to tell it NOT TO START ON BOOT in the network
> configuration window.

Yes, I know. My PCMCIA Ethernet card is configured as NOT TO START ON BOOT. So I 
expected that the card works as in FC1, so after the boot the card sould be up. 
But it does not work since I type the command

# cardmgr

After that infact the eth0 interface is finally up. Why?
Can you help me?



> This still seems very odd, but it works.  What happens is when the
> pcmcia services get started (after the network services) the card will
> automatically come on line.
> Give it a try.  It worked for me and several others here.

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