Flame on Disk Druid

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Thu Jun 24 21:07:33 UTC 2004

Jeff Ratliff wrote:

>> I have a 240GB disk.
>> The first partition on this is a 60GB NTFS partition.
> I'm assuming this partition was created by Windows? This would be
> /dev/hda1, correct?
>> The second partition is a 4GB "Win 95 Extended" partition,
> This is /dev/hda2? How did you create this partition?

I didn't create either partition.
I purchased the computer (a "Targa" ADM Athlon64 machine)
at Lidl last Tuesday, already partitioned.
It was an incredible bargain,
and works perfectly under Windows-XP and Fedora-2
(particularly with an Athlon64-compiled kernel).

>> The "automatic" option failed,

> What do you mean by "failed"? An error message would help.

As I recall, it simply said it could not create partitions automatically.
I don't think it gave any reason.
However, I didn't take careful note,
as I had already decided I would create the partitions with fdisk.
In fact, I usually create partitions before installing operating systems.
I imagine that is the normal preference of old-timers like me.
(I don't mind using DiskDruid to define the mounting points.)

But I don't want to make a great issue of it.
I'm just genuinely puzzled why "our masters" are so enamoured of DiskDruid.

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