Setting up a mail server

Slade Hornick shornick at
Tue Jun 29 18:00:59 UTC 2004

No scanning needed, another server has already done that.  I would like some
suggestions on which programs to use and then a starting point to get me
going.  Like I said, I've tried several things, but nothing is working - so
I'm back to the starting point and just need some pointers.

Use Postfix to receive mail
Use Courier-imap to view mail from OE on a windows machine

If this above is a good configuration, then where can I go to get detailed
installation instructions on how to set those program up?


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At 10:37 AM 6/29/2004, Slade Hornick wrote:
>I'm in need of setting up a mail server for just a couple of 
>accounts.  The email however is going to be huge for these accounts and I 
>need something robust enough to handle at least 15000 emails per day.  It 
>will only be receiving not sending.

What hardware are you using? 15K messages shouldn't be *that* high a load.

>I have installed Fedora Core 2 about 15 times with various packages and 
>tried various things (different mail servers, sendmail, qmail, postfix, 
>etc...) and each time I get to a dead-end.
>Does anyone know of a How-To for a beginner to setup a simple machine for 
>this task?

Which dead-end? What is your problem? Do you simply need to receive these 
emails, or do you also desire to scan and process them for spam and virii?

You're going to need to provide more information and detail, and we'll 
surely be able to help you.


Rodolfo J. Paiz
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