kernel 2.4.22-1.2194 clicks monitor

Lin Tse Hsu evfreek at
Tue Jun 29 18:12:16 UTC 2004

--- SilverLight <silverlight at> wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 13:01:01 -0700 (PDT), Lin Tse
> Hsu <evfreek at> wrote:
> > Here's how you can tell if your monitor was
> damaged by
> > XFree86.  Pull the horizontal output transistor,
> and
> > check the CE junction in both directions.  If
> there is
> > a dead short, the clicking is caused by the power
> > supply shutting off its over current contactor
> when it
> > cannot source the shorted load.  You can replace
> the
> > dead HOT, but I would recommend buying a new
> monitor
> > which includes protection circuitry that prevents
> junk
> > software from drawing the flyback circuit off
> > resonance and overheating the HOT.  I have
> personally
> > toasted 5 monitors with Linux, and 1 with Windows.
> Wow, what are you doing to fry your monitors?  I've
> been using
> computers for a long time now, and have been through
> just about every
> O/S I can get my hands on...  but have never toasted
> a monitor.  I'm
> seriously curious as to how you can cause this with
> a released (or
> even beta) Operating system.

Installing XFree86 with an incorrect config file. 
Some people say this is an urban legend, but I
investigated it thoroughly.  The monitor with the
worst problems I have seen is an NEC 3fgx.  The
problem is with the old multi-sync type monitors with
the sync ranges.  Often, due to the nature of open
source development, the config files available over
the Internet are slightly wrong.  The spec lines take
the form of x1-x2, x3-x4, etc for sync frequency.  The
origin of these ranges is a bank of inductors which
ballast the deflection yoke inductance.  Therefore,
frequency ranges are selected by switching these banks
in or out with an electromechanical relay.  If the
sync frequency is selected outside this range, there
can either be a heating problem, or, if far outside,
instantaneous failure of the horizontal output
transistor.  Note that I have not seen problems with
monitors made after about 1996, even the cheap Fry's
heavily rebated models.  One make of monitor would fry
with the Corel Linux graphical install.  You would
have to install this one by hand in text mode.

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