FC2 and Partition Magic

Karol Pluciennik troloo at idea.net.pl
Tue Jun 29 22:42:23 UTC 2004

Thoralf Polet wrote:

 > The PM update refused to install.
 > Yes, the Windows I use is XP.
 > Booting both systems works fine.

Ok, in my case it looked like this:
When I partitioned my disk during installation of FC2 (the same was with 
FC1) using my unallocated space on my disk I couldn't start Partition 
Magic because it couldn't determine drive letters or sth.
During another install of FC2 I've made, I partitioned my disk using 
Partition Magic under Windows XP and during installation of FC2 just 
formatted already made partitions. Now PM works very well with all my 
HDD structure.

Sorry if this is not the answer for your problem - I have only reply of 
this thread (no original message) and I'm just geuessing what was going 
on ;) Maybe someone will find it useful.

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