hotpluging a firewire disk

David Jansen jansen at
Wed Jun 30 15:15:52 UTC 2004

I ran into a problem setting up a Linux system for a co-worker. He has
an external firewire disk.
The problem is: when it is connected, the system detects a new device:

# cat /proc/bus/ieee1394/devices
  Vendor ID: `Linux OHCI-1394' [0x004063]
  Capabilities: 0x0083c0
  Bus Options:
    IRMC(1) CMC(1) ISC(1) BMC(0) PMC(0) GEN(0)
    LSPD(2) MAX_REC(2048) CYC_CLK_ACC(0)
  Host Node Status:
    Host Driver     : ohci1394
    Nodes connected : 2
    Nodes active    : 2
    SelfIDs received: 2
    Irm ID          : [0-01:1023]
    BusMgr ID       : [0-63:1023]
    In Bus Reset    : no
    Root            : yes
    Cycle Master    : yes
    IRM             : yes
    Bus Manager     : no
Node[0-00:1023]  GUID[0004da00e0014ddb]:
  Vendor ID: `Granite Digital' [0x0004da]
  Capabilities: 0x0083c0
  Bus Options:
    IRMC(0) CMC(0) ISC(0) BMC(0) PMC(0) GEN(0)
    LSPD(0) MAX_REC(64) CYC_CLK_ACC(255)
  Unit Directory 0:
    Vendor/Model ID: Granite Digital [0004da] / FireVue 1394-IDE Bridge LUN0 [000000]
    Software Specifier ID: 00609e
    Software Version: 010483
    Driver: SBP2 Driver
    Length (in quads): 8

But what it detects is just the electronics in the enclosure, which is
essentially an IDE-controller to which the actual disk (Maxtor 300 GB)
is connected. So an sbp2 driver gets loaded, and nothing more.

I figured out that it works to do:
# echo "scsi add-single-device 1 0 0" > /proc/scsi/scsi
after which /dev/sda1 exists. So basically my only remaining question
is: where to add this in the scripts of hotplug or devlabel or whichever
component can do such a task.

David Jansen

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