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Re: FC2 Upgrade from FC1 - newbie needs help with 'kernel panic'

Steve wrote:

Hi, I posted a request for help with this on Saturday. Being new to the list I guess I should have put NVIDIA in the title to get a response.


I am running a dual boot with XP and FC1 (my wife uses XP ).
I am trying to upgrade FC1 to FC2 using the CD iso's.
I know that they work because I have successfully installed FC2 onto a laptop.

From reading the list the last week I get the impression this may be a known issue, but I can't find

anything definitive.
Mostly because I am not sure where to look.
If someone could help me or point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.

My system :
Intel Celeron 2.6ghz
Maxtor 91366U4 (12Gb) IDE
ST360015A        (60Gb) IDE

On the subject you talk about a kernel panic. Please post more data about it, like the messages you get before the kernel panic... It's hard to figure out a problem without clues....

Pedro Macedo

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