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Netgear MA311 with FC2?

Has anybody got a Netgear MA311 wireless PCI card working with FC2? I
was trying to install FC2 on my daughter's W2K box this evening in a
dual-boot config and the MA311 I have in there wasn't being recognized
during the install. I quit the install without going forward, figuring
that I'd just be inflicting Grub and a dual-boot config on her for a FC2
config that wouldn't be able to talk to the net.

Ironically, the install did find and locate the Nforce2 mobo NIC that
FC1 didn't deal well with on my other PC.

So, some advice: should I just do the install and go forward? Do I have
to do a kernel recompile or something to pick up the MA311, or is it not
supported under FC2? I have seen some notes on this list saying that at
least FC1 dealt with it fine, but I'm worried that the switch to the new
2.6 kernel might have left that driver behind. Note that this is an
older 802.11b card, not the newer MG311.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.


Dave Roberts <ldave droberts com>

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